Sorry Mayor, and congratulations AHS Seniors!

I sort of owe Arab Mayor Bob Joslin an apology. Sort of, but not really. Well, maybe a small one.

Monday morning I was in line at a fast food joint getting some breakfast. I noticed in my mirror that the mayor was in line directly behind me.

When I paid for my breakfast, I told the cashier, “let me pay for the guy behind me, too.”

His total was 71 cents.

I was just trying to be nice.

I’ve noticed on social media that a lot of people have been paying for the orders of the person in line behind them, so I thought I would do the same for the mayor.

71 cents.

I paid it, got my breakfast and drove off.

Mayor Joslin, good guy that he is, appreciated my gesture. In fact, when the cashier told him that I had paid for his order, he said, “well, let me pay for the order behind me.”

Remember, the mayor’s order was 71 cents.

The order for the person behind him was $17.

When he called and told me the story, we both had a big laugh.

I think I got the better end of that deal, I said.

“I know you did,” he laughed.

I just hope the person in line behind the mayor “paid it backwards,” and paid for the person’s order behind him/her.

Sorry about that, Mayor.

Con-gratulations, AHS seniors

Back in December and back last August, in this very spot, I wrote the following in a headline – “Seniors, please don’t wish away this school year.”

Yes, that was five and nine months ago.

Come tomorrow, your senior year of high school is over.

I warned you and your parents not to wish away the school year.

Though it turned out to be anything but a traditional school year, you are now graduates.

Back in August, I wrote that you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel that has been your 13 years of education. You are just nine short months away from walking across the football field and getting your high school diploma from your principal.

In December, I wrote that, now, you’re just four and a half months away because your senior year is halfway over.

I also warned you: “If you seniors don’t listen to anything else, and, let’s face it, you have a lot to listen to this year, please heed this advice.

“Don’t wish your senior year away.

“Don’t let your rush to get out of high school and into the work force or into college cause you to forget to enjoy your senior year of high school.”

Did you listen?

Did you heed that advice?

In August, I wrote: “Trust us – your senior year will be over before you know it.

“Take the time to enjoy it. Go to the dances. Go to the games. Go to the other events that are unique to the high school experience.

“Next May while you are sitting on the field wearing your cap and gown, you will be thinking, ‘Wait just a minute – didn’t we just go to homecoming?!’”

Did you go to homecoming? Did you go to the games? Have you taken the time to enjoy your senior year – as crazy at it was?

Also last August, I wrote: “Your parents are proud of you for becoming a senior. But they are terrified for you for what’s next in your life, and they aren’t wishing away your senior year.”

I know it wasn’t the senior year you had hoped for. But, congratulations.

As of tomorrow night, you are graduates of Arab High School.

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