It’s not safe outdoors. All sorts of weird things could happen to those who just have to stick their nose outside. The first thing I do every morning is go outside, kiss the air conditioners vents, tell it how much I love it, then head back indoors for the remainder of the day.

I am sitting here with a row of stitches a little over three inches long, on account of my dermatologist thought it would be a good idea to remove a cancer before it got any worse. The reason for the cancer was large doses of solar radiation from spending too much time outdoors with little or no protection.

There was a time when a dark tan was thought to good for your health, and nobody wanted a pasty white skin. The fastest way to get a great tan was to run around outdoors in a swimming suit for about half an hour.

The best practice is to wear a broad brimmed hat, and cover your skin with a long sleeved shirt buttoned up to the neck. This is especially helpful during our long, hot summers when it’s only 95 degrees.

That way, when you have your heat stroke or heart attack, you won’t have to worry about skin problems any more.

Do neon lights cause sunburn?

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