Christmas is almost here!

I shared this with my church and think it’s worth sharing again here.

Husbands pay close attention because, “Here’s Five of The Top Ten Things Wives Don’t Want to Hear Their Husbands Say on Christmas Day”:

5. “It’s the thought that counts, right?”

4. “Hey, the game’s about to start!”

3. “That’s right, hon. Your own subscription to Guns & Ammo.”

2. “It’s two sizes smaller, darling, you know, for motivation.”

And number 1.

“Well, if it isn’t your cousins and their seven kids with suitcases! What a pleasant surprise!”

I also want to share with you my favorite Christmas story.

As my late preaching professor, Fred Craddock, said, “If a sermon or story isn’t worth sharing twice, it probably wasn’t worth sharing once.”

My favorite Christmas story is a true story, of a little girl, afraid at night, in the dark, sleeping in her bed, and feeling scared and alone.

So, she calls out to her Mama and Daddy. Mama and Daddy both squeeze their eyes to act like they were asleep so the other one would get up.

But Daddy lost the competition and he answered from his bed, “What is it honey?”

She answered, “Daddy, I’m afraid.”

Daddy encouraged her from his warm covers calling out, “I’m right here baby, go back to sleep, it’s okay.”

Daughter answered a few minutes later, “Daddy, I’m afraid.”

So, Daddy was desperate and got spiritual and theological and told her, “God is with you, don’t be afraid and go back to sleep. God is with you.”

Daddy felt good, that he had solved the problem.

But in a bit the little girl cried out again, and Daddy assured her again God was with her, but his time she said, “But Daddy, God doesn’t have any skin on.”

And the Daddy went into her room and held her hand and stayed with her until she was sound asleep.

Grown-ups and little children of all ages need to know God’s love with skin on. Christmas is about God coming to live among us in Jesus— God’s love with skin on, Emmanuel, God with us.

And as followers and disciples of Jesus Christ, we have the joy and privilege of being God’s love with skin on for others.

We get to re-present Jesus to others by the way we live, by what we say, and by what we do.

I pray you experience and celebrate God’s love with skin on in Jesus this Christmas and become God’s love with skin on for others.

Merry Christmas and a blessed and happy new year!

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May the Lord work wonders in the hearts of those who do not have faith. After all, anything is possible with God.

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