I would like to take the time to add my two cents to this chaos. I am amazed by the sheer inescapably of it all.

My radio display in my car, which usually shows me the artist and title of the song playing, is now telling me to wash my hands.

When I go to the gas station I am greeted on the screen with a video telling me to stay away from people.

The PSAs are relentless.

Most people look as if they are ready for a trip to the moon.

I understand precautions should be taken. However, how far is too far?

Realistically, if everyone is to be six feet apart, then people will invest in limousines and buses and sit very far apart. Logistically how is this possible?

Or people will just start putting their kids in the trunk.

I say this in jest but logistically does this really make a difference? Assuming the virus lives on the surfaces of anything for a few hours or up to several days will it stay six feet apart?

How is it possible to completely eradicate it?

Some cities are enforcing curfews for 6 p.m. Does the virus come out at night?

I understand the less people who are out the less it will spread, but what of those who work late?

People are just as likely to get it during the day as they are at night.

I suppose I am just under-reacting, but how long is this ban on humanity and normalcy supposed to last?

This ordeal has taught us many things and answered the question, “If I were stranded on an island, what would I need?”

The seemingly resounding answer is: “toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer and enough food to last the next two years at least!”

So far, the main fear I had was when my daughter’s favorite Pop Tarts were sold out for days and we were dangerously low.

To those essential workers in the front lines and the trenches, be safe and keep washing those hands!

Priscilla Nabors



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