It’s almost been a year. How fast this life flies by. In this past year there have been so many tears, so many gut punches, and so many thankful moments.

It’s a process. Grief comes in so many different forms. I was never prepared for Daddy to not be here.

In my mind, and heart, there was just not a world without my daddy in it. Well, I missed that one didn’t I?

As the dreaded one year mark approaches I am no longer angry, or so completely heartbroken that I can’t breath. I am thankful! Yes, thankful. I have wanted to write this for several months, but as I would start the tears were so heavy that I couldn’t see to type and the pain was so intense that I just simply wanted it to go away.

But, now I am ready and I really feel I need to put it on paper “so to speak”

God is good all the time. Daddy had been recovering from breaking his neck in October 2019.

COVID had hit and made things crazy.

Daddy was diabetic and with all the other crazy stuff he and mom stayed home a lot. We would visit on the porch or they would come down and sit outside with us and watch while the chicken coup was being built.

We had not gotten to drink a cup of coffee on the porch since the first week in October 2019 and that was something we did several mornings every week. Daddy would call and say, “Hey girl, you on the porch yet?”

I miss that so much.

It was an Alabama smothering hot June day and the blueberries need picking. My husband, Chris, and I set out and when we got there mom and dad came out on the back porch to just sit and visit while we did all the work.

Daddy said, “Shannon I need you to come up here.”

I was not keen on stopping my picking since I knew if I stopped I would not drag myself back out there in that hot sun to finish. But, Mom said, “He needs you right now.”

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