I am writing this letter to my family, friends and members of the Arab Electric Cooperative.

Unfortunately, I feel the need to defend what I consider to be my good name and values that are important to me.

It is apparent to me that AEC’s current manager and my former employer, Scott Spence, has ignored efforts put forth in order to address issues that have been brought to his attention on more than one occasion.

Some of what I brought forth were safety issues and others concerned general morale and uncertainty of job security at AEC.

These feelings escalated when a former AEC employee was terminated after serving the AEC and Arab community for more than 30 years.

On March 25, the AEC board of trustees held an open meeting, as it does on a monthly basis.

I took that opportunity to share with board members and management my concerns in the form of a letter in which I wrote. I gave a copy of this letter to each board member as well as Scott Spence.

I read this letter aloud so each person attending the meeting would also be aware of my concerns.

Let it be known that I would not have written a letter, let alone stood in front of a group of board members, management and a group of peers if I did not believe my words to be 100-percent truthful and accurate.

Despite Spence’s negative and belittling comments stated in the May 4 edition of The Arab Tribune, I stand behind each statement contained in my letter.

I was also promised a written response to my concerns and no such answer has been given, nor even the offer of a conversation between Scott Spence and myself to discuss any of the aforementioned action items.

In closing, I am thankful for the 20 plus years I served the members of the Arab Electric Cooperative and appreciate the many former and current employees I had the opportunity to work beside day and night.

Jason Golden



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