In early 2020 we will be opening a cat/kitten shelter in Arab. At that time, we will also be extending our program into neighboring Cullman County.

The amazing thing about God’s Feral Felines is that you can actively see God’s hand in the organization. Our first full year of trapping was 2014, we later added rescues and then low-cost spay and neuter option, and now, just five years later, we will be opening the only dedicated cat rescue in Marshall County.

This opportunity is a blessing and can only increase the number of kittens we will be able to help in the future.”

Right now, volunteers are needed for clean-up, wall paper removal, painting, and possibly, some small construction jobs. Once open, we will need volunteers to answer phones, do kitten intake and adoptions, bathe kittens, transport kittens, do computer work, and come in and spend time with kittens and clean kennels.

Donations are also going to be needed for cat food (we prefer Iam’s dry kitten food and Fancy Feast canned food), litter (both clumping and non-clumping), bleach, sheets, towels, blankets, wash cloths, dish soap, cat food dishes, litter boxes and laundry soap.

We anticipate needing office chairs and other office supplies and will be continuing to update our wish list.

A huge thank you to Dr. Michael Brown for all he has done and continues to do, to make this possible. We are also so thankful to everyone who has donated, adopted, volunteered, supported, encouraged and prayed for GFF.

People can send donation checks to: P.O. Box 1033, Guntersville, AL 35976.

Together, we are taking kitten rescue in Marshall County, into the future.

For more information: infor@GFFCats.org; or 256-960-0538.

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