This letter is to apologize to the listeners and advertisers of FUN 92-7 FM Radio.

The technical problems that the radio broadcast of this year’s of Arabian Knight football games have been extremely disappointing and regretful.

Our radio station uses the very latest and best technical equipment to broadcast these games in the highest “studio” quality possible, both home and away. Our home game broadcasts from the Arab stadium deliver our standard of excellence using a hardwired internet connection.

However, in our 22 years of live Arabian Knight football broadcasts, our “away” games this year have been the worst ever.

While maintaining responsibility of the integrity of these broadcasts both in content and technical delivery, WAFN-FM is at the mercy of “providers of service” to enable these broadcasts for both on-air and online.

One such provider, the local Arab telephone company, has failed us continually in this endeavor.

Their failure to provide promised internet services necessary for our broadcast has never been more exposed during the game broadcasts from Boaz, Guntersville and, most recently, Scottsboro.

WAFN-FM uses the fiber internet service offered by the phone company. Unfortunately, the lack of that service has failed us miserably.

The fiber service purchased has never lived up to the upload and download speeds promised. We received a letter from the phone company stating the fact that they cannot provide the speed or service promised.

This service has degraded further over the past 18 months as the demands on their servers and system have increased.

WAFN-FM also broadcast the Fyffe High School Football games exclusively via the internet using the service of Farmer’s Tel in Rainsville.

They are a true, locally owned and operated telecommunications company.

Using the same high-quality, new broadcast equipment, the Farmer’s Tel internet provides quality, high speed fiber-delivered service without fail.

While having zero internet broadcast issues via Farmer’s Tel, the listeners of the Arab broadcast have patiently endured our inadequacies from our local internet provider.

The terrible quality of our most recent broadcasts lie within the substandard phone company system, not in the origination of the broadcast from area stadiums and the WAFN-FM studios.

Ever since the sale of the locally-based former telephone company to various entities outside of Alabama, local service has been compromised.

This is by no means a reflection of the hard-working local employees of the phone company. They can only work within the limits of their system.

Recent advertising in this newspaper is promising better. It has been promised before. This is an unfortunate example of the loss of true “home-owned” service.

That kind of hands-on, caring service cannot be provided when the corporate ownership originates from the faraway lands of Missouri or Maine or Southhaven, Miss. Also please note that you cannot even find a corporate mailing address on any of the phone company websites for correspondence.

Arab, Alabama, is a great community because of its people and FUN 92-7 FM is a proud to contribute to this community by striving to live up to the standards of our listeners, advertisers and supporters.

We deserve to get what we are pay for from all of our service providers. You deserve the same.

The local phone company, in its present structure, fails in that endeavor.

Michael St. John



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