I got fed up listening to those liberal pukes continue wasting our money trying to impeach President Trump, and thought I’d give U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler (the tattler) and his cohorts a bit of how I feel about them and what they are doing... and not doing!

The following is an open letter to Nadler:

Dear Rep. Nadler:

I will pray for you.

Because “you shall lean against your house and it shall not stand.”

Because “God will not… reach out His hand to the evil doer,” which you and your 
fellow cohorts are.

“Does not your ear discern the words of truth” that are being spoken, or has your
 own pride overtaken common sense and decency?

Because “…the hope of the hypocrite shall perish.”

You really need to start to exercise prudence and wisdom in your chair.

You and your committee are doing a grave injustice to the American people by wasting 
valuable time and taxpayer dollars by continuing this charade and not taking proper care
 and time to accomplish many more important tasks that you were elected to office for.

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