Sometimes you see something that you should believe, but don’t. Politics aside, there is so much misinformation out there that a person doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

I’m at my bank the other day. It has three drive through lanes. Above each there are some lighted signs.

The top row says ATM in bright green letters, and either open in green letters or closed in red. The bottom row says teller in bright green lights, and either open in green lights or closed in red.

The middle lane had bright red closed signs by teller and ATM. Taking a wild guess, you assume that means the middle lane isn’t working. As you drive up to the machine there is a red X light that ought to make you even more suspicious.

There were several cars in both open lanes. I got behind whichever lane fate was going to make the slowest.

Another car got behind me. After a few minutes the driver got impatient and must have decided the big red signs were lying to him.

He pulled out of our lane and up the closed machine. After piddling around with it a few minutes, he left.

The next car behind me must have seen what happened and thought that lying machine just gave that guy his money. He left our line and pulled up to the closed machine.

In the meantime the first car has made it around the building and got back into line, two cars further behind than where he started. He probably figured out all by himself that he should have believed the sign he saw.

Two days later I was back at the bank.

The middle lane was closed. I was telling my buddy about the idiot the other day. The truck behind me got out of line and pulled up to the closed machine.

When we left he was still there, apparently trying to hypnotize the infernal contraption by waving a card at it.

There was a perfect example of seeing but not believing on a TV documentary. Persistent rumors claim that all the gold in Ft. Knox has been sold.

The Secretary of Treasury at one time decided the tales might affect the value of the dollar and decided to quell the rumors by doing something unprecedented. He would allow the news media into the facility for a quick peek.

The building is shrouded by mystery. It has its own military presence, including tanks. It is, after all, a fort.

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