We’re No. 1

I have written before about Alabama being at the top of bad lists and at the bottom of good lists. It is still happening as our leadership seems to be getting better at being bad.

During Christmas week it was announced Alabama is in the bottom three for vaccinations per capita. Alabama has both Pfizser and Moderna vaccines on hand but has not ramped up efforts to vaccinate people.

Tennessee and Florida have both started vaccinating citizens age 65 to 75 and along with medical workers and other high-risk individuals. Alabama has not even got emergency workers vaccinated yet.

The CDC has added teachers to the essential worker early vaccination category. Alabama has not started with teachers because they have not figured out how to do it. They say they need more time for planning.


All of 2020 was not enough time to do planning for vaccinations?

It looks like Alabama citizens will be some of the last in the nation to be vaccinated. I hope the vaccines do not expire in refrigeration while the officials sit around and try to figure out how to give shots at hospitals, county health offices, and CVS and Walgreens pharmacies.

All of these locations are authorized to give shots now.

Alabama is not just behind with vaccines.

Remember the Federal CARES Act from March? States were given billions of dollars to help small businesses, local governments, the unemployed and more.

Our fine Montgomery officials could not find enough deserving entities for this free money.

Up to $400 million may have to be returned to the federal treasury. There may be some relief of the timeline in the last CARES Act 2 law but that is no excuse.

There are lots of deserving organization in the state that should be on the automatic distribution list from the state.

But our poor Alabama leadership only had nine months to figure out how to use this money to help people.

I guess there should have been a state committee or study group with some politicians and lobbyist getting paid to figure it out.

It may take the same group to figure out how to give COVID vaccine shots.

If that is the case, you can expect Alabamians to continue to get sick and die while the rest of the country puts this pandemic behind them.

Larry Sortor

Scant City


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