I’m an old man, and this has by far been the strangest times I’ve ever experienced. My grandkids will be telling their grandkids about it.

The mask has become a symbol of the times. Wearing or not wearing it may be a political statement, an expression of personal freedom, or maybe just the start of a new fashion trend.

As for fashion, at Halloween I was able to find a mask that looked like my mouth was open and bats were flying out. I want one of those masks that look like you have a big grin and one of your front teeth is gold.

What if you are at the beach and find a magic lamp. Let’s say you give it a rub and a genie pops out. If it’s a lady, she will be wearing a viel, so does she have to don a mask?

If it’s a really ugly man, is it worth one of your wishes to make him wear a mask while you figure out what to do with the other two wishes?

If you are in a store wearing your mask and recognize someone you don’t like, is it possible to engage them in friendly conversation and stick out your tongue without them noticing it?

What If you get carried away and decide to make a razzing sound with your lips while sticking out your tongue. Can your victim hear it from a safe social distance?

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