This is an open letter to the residents of Marshall County District 1 about work being done by district employees.

The main requirement for a county district shop is road care and maintenance.

The requirement for an elected county commissioner is to make all county roads passable. This means paving when funds are available, patching potholes, keeping trees and limbs off roadways, repairing and replacing drainage tiles under county roads and picking up white goods.

All of this is done contingent on money and manpower. District 1 currently has nine employees. We work four days a week, 10 hours a day.

Last year we started bush hogging March 1. This year due to heavy spring rains we were unable to start until May 12.

This week we just completed our first route of bush hogging. We’ve started a new route.

We have 360 miles of roads in District 1. Each road has two sides. That equals to 720 miles of bush hogging.

We try to run three tractors each day.

Also, our population and new homes have drastically increased in District 1 for 2020. Last year we installed 55 residential driveway tiles, and as of this week we’ve installed 60 in 2020.

It costs us $1,307 to install one driveway tile. We supply the equipment, material and manpower. The resident only pays for the tile.

I hear each week from citizens that, “my road is the worst in the county.”

This is because this is the road you live on, consistently see and drive on. I personally have had residents ride with me and show them other roads.

Each time they’ve apologized and admitted, “this road is worse than mine.”

We will continue to do the best we can for our residents with what we have. My employees are top notch, and work hard each day.

Many times they’ve had to come out after hours to work in inclement weather to take care of a situation.

Please keep this in mind when you call an complain to us.

We will always strive to do the best we can for you. Our residential driveway tile work is really backed up due to the heavy rains and several roads being washed out.

Again, bear with us and give us time. If a work order is made, we will take care of it.

For additional information call our office at 256-753-2557.

Ronny Shumate

District 1 Commissioner

3850 Eddy Scant City Road

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