Dear Editor:

Wants versus needs.

That is a comparison I make sometimes when I try to consider what members think about when the tax dollars come into the coffers. In our case, it’s about one million dollars a month.

Presently, the Congress has gone out of their minds about how to spend our tax dollars and they are acting like a bunch of drunken pirates lying through their teeth spending $2 trillion for what they call infrastructure, yet are spreading the wealth (of our tax dollars) on what appears to be everything but what the title indicates.

I can see the glare of “New Projects” light up their eyes like kids getting their first pair of skates or a bicycle or football at Christmas.

The next thing I think about is me and my family when we go shopping for groceries or whatever. I ask myself while shopping, “Do I really want this or do I really need this?”

I want a truck, but I need a new HVAC system…it’s a matter of priorities, right?

The bottom line is does the city really “want” this, or does it really “need” this new project of whatever it is?

As far as I’m concerned, needs come before wants, especially if there’s a surplus…and if there is a surplus, how about considering for once, returning that surplus back to the citizens from whence it came by removing part of the tax we pay or send us a check.

The moral of this, is that the right value and costs should be considered on wants and needs!

Don Burt


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