I have changed my mind about armadillos.

When they first showed up in our area, they were a novelty. They would sometimes aerate your yard for free in their search for grubs and worms. By eating grubs, they pretty much did away with our vast population of Japanese beetles and June bugs.

Besides, they are anteaters that specialize in fire ants. Anything that eats fireants is a friend of mine. If you are out walking and spot a dead fire ant hill with a hole clawed into it, then you can blame its demise on ‘dillos.

Now the armadillo population has exploded, and they are all over the place. You could put up with a bit of free aeration maybe, but the little devils have turned to excavation.

Curiosity drives them to dig up freshly planted flowers just to see what you hid underneath. By the time you find your plant, its ready for a dried flower arrangement.

That’s when it became public enemy number one around my house.

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