Some main-line churches have the tradition of celebrating All Saints Day.

The beginning of All Saints Day goes all the way back to the early First Century.

It was originally began to honor the martyrs who had died for our Lord, and over the years expanded to remember and honor all Christians who had died in the Lord.

This, of course, is where Halloween originated; it began the evening before All Saints Day, thus, All Hallows Eve. Hope you all enjoy and satisfy your sweet tooth on Halloween.

Even more so, I hope you will gain an appreciation and value as a follower of Jesus Christ for the “communion of saints,” the “great cloud of witnesses,” as spoken to in Hebrews 11-12.

On All Saints Sunday, we remember those who have gone before us, and that the lives of those living and those who are living with God are not that distant and far apart as we often think.

Like Hebrews chapter 11-12 tells us in the Bible, we are surrounded by this great cloud of witnesses and communion of saints, and they are like the car rearview mirrors that read, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.

So, it is with the communion of saints, they/we are closer than it appears.

I saw this one-day when our middle child, Hannah, was about 2, and we were out in the yard, and I climbed high up in a tree in the front yard.

Yes, I am an official tree climber.

It is a holy endeavor, found in the Bible. Remember Zaccheaus? Seriously, as long as health permits, climb a tree. When health does not, imagine it and do it in your heart.

In this tree I began to call out Hannah’s name.

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