Greetings from the Brashier’s Chapel Cemetery Association board of directors. We are reaching out to update you on the status, goals and vision we have for the future of the cemetery that holds such a special place in so many families’ and our community’s history.

In recent years, we have worked to update the maintenance of the existing grounds, while setting new standards to benefit the future. Among other things, we have worked to improve marking, layout design and records; repair and preserve monuments; and have had the cemetery designated as an historical landmark by the State of Alabama.

There are more improvements we would like to implement, including purchasing basic markers for unmarked graves and grounds beautification and maintenance.

Participation in the annual Decoration Day has steadily declined over the past years. Financial contributions from this event have been the cemetery’s main source of revenue for generations.

Another plan we would like to implement is to establish sufficient invested monetary reserves to assist in the long-term financial maintenance of the cemetery.

We are all aware of examples of older, rural cemeteries that have fallen into disrepair from lack of care and funding. We are determined not to allow Brashier’s Chapel to become one of those and we need you to be a part of the solution.

No one person or entity is responsible for the cemetery. Anyone who has connections to someone interred there is a member of the Brashier’s Chapel Cemetery Association – it belongs to all of us, and we all share the duty and obligation to those who are memorialized there to maintain it.

We encourage you to be involved in the cemetery’s upkeep with acts as simple as picking up a piece of trash on an afternoon visit, reminding family and friends of Decoration Day (second Sunday in May), or remembering the cemetery association in your final wishes with a financial legacy.

Our cemetery has a strong history, and we invite you to work with us in ensuring it has a strong future.

Brashier’s Chapel Cemetery Association board of directors

P.O. Box 394, Arab, AL 35016

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