The Aldridge Gap Road is finally whole again. After being washed away several years ago, repairs are complete.

There were many state and federal regulatory and environmental delays to the project. The finished roadway looks really good in the newspaper photo.

One thing seems to be missing – shoulders. The majority of single vehicle accidents around here are from drivers drifting or swerving out of their lane off the edge of the paved roadway.

Within inches or a foot or two they often hit trees or culverts. Some drivers are lucky and do not hit anything as they sail off an embankment and crash at the bottom.

Most of these accidents could be avoided or mitigated by the addition of a 3- to 4-foot wide smooth shoulder level with the pavement.

It does not even have to be paved – grass, dirt, or small gravel will provide the driver the opportunity to correct their vehicle and return to the roadway unharmed.

No shoulders and softball size rocks right off the edge of the pavement are dangerous.

There are some great new guardrails, too.

It is too bad the designers did not have enough time to plan for public safety. They also did not even try to blend it in with the old road.

Overall, this new section looks like a million dollar mansion plopped down in a ghetto, but making the rest of the road decent was not in the plans.

Larry Sortor

Scant City


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