July is National Park and Recreation month, I want to take a minute to let folks know what goes on within Arab Parks and Recreation Department.

My team maintains about 140 acres of grass a week, schedules games for children within the community and surrounding areas to play sports, schedule parties, guard the pool and the list goes on and on.

A few things that the Arab Parks and Recreation offers are the following: indoor and outdoor basketball courts, pickleball, racquetball, softball, baseball, soccer, football, cheerleading, swimming, art camp, an outdoor pool and soon, a splash pad.

Yes, some of these activities are pay-to-play but we also offer activities that are not, such as: two playgrounds, walking trails, volleyball courts, tennis courts, disc golf course, batting cages, movies in the park, community fair and historic village.

A big event we have around Christmas is Santa in the Park.

This happens from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas on the weekends and there are more than 2 million lights in the city park until New Year’s Eve.

Santa in the Park is an event where you pay to do different activities at our Historic Village and see Santa.

Another big event that we are adding this year is SugarFest, It’s Labor Day weekend.

This event will have a variety of vendors, beauty pageant, baking contest, car show, fireworks, food trucks and many more activities.

I know I have probably left some things out, but I want to say thank you for supporting the Arab Parks and Recreation Department as it is a part of our quality of life.

We work so you can play.

Let’s give thanks to my team: Brian Camp (assistant park and rec director), Greg Tidmore (sports coordinator), Pam Hayes (administrative support), Maranda Taylor (custodian), Dana Walker (administrative support), Sherry Johnson (weekends administrative support), Scott Hawkins, Matt Williams, Mark Norman, Jordan Wright, Doug Maze, Dylan Malone, Brodie Cash, Jay Collins, Sawyer Kelly (operators), Juanita Edmondson (Arab Historic Village director) and several seasonal employees.

Eric Hayes

Director of Arab Parks and Recreation


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